Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Responding To Classmates’ ORB Reviews Activity

I. Read four of your classmates’ book reviews. You should read one review from C block, one from E, one from F, and a final one of your choice.

II. For each review that you read, please answer the following questions
below the review you are responding to. When asked to choose an identity, use your Google Account ID. Comments not posted according to these instructions will not be eligible for credit:

1) What was the reviewer’s overall impression of the book?
2) What did the reviewer noti
ce about the book’s writing style?
3) Did the reviewer pick an interesting passage from the book to explain? Why or why not?  
4) How does this person's book review compare to the others you've read?
5) Would you consider reading this book? Why or why not?

Respond in one to two sentences for each of the five questions. Remember to read and respond to four reviews total.

III. Copy and paste your comments into a text or e-mail document, then PRINT your responses so we can easily share them in class. If you do not have access to a printer at home, you may come to class early and print your response on one of Mr. B-G's printers. 

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Michael said...

good directions