Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Speak Statement Response Comment Questions

Please read and respond to two of your classmates' Speak responses. Answer all of the questions for each response. 

I - Do you agree with this person's stance on this topic? Why or why not?

II - Which of the three examples was most persuasive? Why? What made it stand out above the others?

III - What is one thing this response does well? It could be its organization, word choice, writing style, examples, introduction, conclusion, etc. In addition to mentioning what the author does well, copy and paste an example of what you thought was particularly effective. Be sure to put the example in quotations.

For each question, write a full paragraph. In total, your responses will be three paragraphs.

I would like each of you to respond to two Speak statement responses.

Three comments = a "check plus"
Two comments = a "check"
One comment = a "check minus"
No comments = zero credit

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