Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Siddhartha Comes to America Short Story Comment Questions

I would like your Siddhartha Comes to America short story comments to answer the following four questions:

I - Which part of the story - quiet ascetic or sensory indulgent - did you think was most well done? What, specifically, did you like? Summarize your thoughts in two to three sentences, then copy and paste a passage in quotations that you liked best. Explain your selection in one or two sentences.

II - Which part of the story - quiet ascetic or sensory indulgent - did you think the author could have done better? Pick at least two specific things you feel could be improved (description, use of dialogue, references to the text, greater explanation, proofreading for errors, etc). Offer two specific solutions to help the writer. Then, copy and paste a passage in quotations that you feel needs the most work. Offer the writer a specific idea on how to improve it.... or, rewrite it and paste it below in quotations.

III - Identify one of the two textual references to the book Siddhartha found in each section of the story. If it seems to fit naturally in the piece, write down what the writer did that made it "flow." If it seems out of place, offer a suggestion to help better integrate it into the work.

IV. - Take a look at the essay's introduction. Do the first few sentences grab your attention and make you want to keep reading? If so, mention specifically what you liked. If not, offer an idea or two about what the writer could do to make the beginning more captivating and engaging.

Comments should be four paragraphs (about 4 to 6 well-written sentences per question). Your comments should appear below the story you are responding to. When asked to choose an identity, use your Google/Blogger ID.

Comments not posted according to these instructions should be deleted.

I would like each of you to respond to three essays.

* Please copy and paste your comments into a Word document that I can check on your computer at the start of class on Friday, Jan. 23rd. Your classmates and I thank you for your valuable feedback.

Three comments = a "check plus"
Two comments = a "check"
One comment = a "check minus"
No comments = zero credit

For general information about posting blog comments, see this link. As a reminder, I will be using the SHHS writing rubric to evaluate your essay. Click here to view the rubric.

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