Friday, October 10, 2008

Value Essay Component Checklist

As a reminder, make sure your essay meets the following criteria checklist:

_____ Unique and creative title that relates to the objects and/or what you value

_____ Introduction that makes a statement or raises the question about the concept of values, what is valuable, or how value is determined

_____ Rich description utilizing present tense action that shows the first object/priceless moment

_____ Rich description utilizing present tense action that shows the second object/priceless moment

_____ A section where the author compares, contrasts, and explains how the objects are similar and different and how and why they are valuable to the author

_____ A concluding section where the author thoughtfully considers and states how he or she defines value and what he or she finds truly valuable

_____ Overall length of 700-900 words

To view an electronic copy of the rubric I will be using, click here.

The "Finding and Fixing Common Writing Errors" handout I mentioned in class today can be downloaded by clicking this link.


Michael said...

Thank you for the instructions

Shopnerkotha said...

Anyone can help with research paper,please,urgent.